The best restaurants in Los Angeles

During a trip to different countries, there is a desire to experience the national cuisine of the country in which you are going to come. So, now I will tell you about those restaurants that I advise you to visit in the city of Los Angeles.

The national cuisine of the USA is one of the youngest and most diverse in the world. It originates from the British cuisine. Subsequently, culinary traditions have evolved so much that they stood out in a separate kitchen .

The restaurants in Los Angeles are as luxurious as the local hotels, shops, and other state-of-the-art buildings. A distinctive feature of the local restaurants is their impeccable style, luxury and widest variety.

Some Los Angeles restaurants are owned by showbiz stars: Beso, which serves some of the best steaks in the city, is owned by Eva Longoria, and the Milky Way restaurant, where you can taste kosher dishes, is the property of Steven Spielberg. The Japanese restaurant Nobu, one of the best, was opened in the City of Angels by Robert-De Niro.

In the city of "dreams" there are elite restaurants, where Mexican, Japanese, Italian, Latin American, Russian, Korean traditions of culinary art are represented. Let's talk now about local gastronomic institutions more specifically.

Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles.

Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles, CA

This restaurant has significant differences from other gastronomic institutions of the city: the main focus here is on the dishes (they are tasty and satisfying), the rest is of secondary importance. Every day, visitors form long queues near the restaurant in order to be able to enjoy Roscoe's branded chicken with a crispy crust and delicate waffles. They also make homemade bread, chicken sandwiches, potato patties and various salads.

The owner of this institution, Herb Hudson, was born in Harlem, and created his restaurant business in Los Angeles, taking into account the ethnic American color. Soon after the restaurant was founded, he received a good advertisement thanks to the familiar owner - the famous movie star and singer Natalie Cole. Another famous fan of Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles, the Red Fox actor, has always said on TV that he prefers to dine only in this restaurant.Roscoe's famous brand hen is not once mentioned in the movies.

Papa Cristo’s

Papa Cristo’s, CA

The Papa Cristo's Restaurant is known not only in Los Angeles, but also beyond. Locals say that among the institutions that represent Greek cuisine, this is the best, and besides, it is in Papa Cristo's that you can relax with your family - each gourmet will bring exactly what he loves the most.

The menu provides a huge selection of fresh vegetables from all over the world and all kinds of pastes.Adults should definitely try the amazing fried potatoes and juicy grilled chicken, and the kids, of course, like sweets: great baklava, cookies, sweets and custard.


Urasawa, CA

The name of the Japanese restaurant was given by its owner and at the same time chef Hiro Urasawa.He was born in Japan, and he cooks real national dishes perfectly. Many visitors consider this Japanese restaurant as the best in Los Angeles among other establishments of the same direction. Meals are prepared only from products delivered from the Land of the Rising Sun, which is one of the pledges of their noble taste. At the same time, he prepares the main dishes in the restaurant, and presents guests with the best sushi in all of America.

The design of the restaurant is not different luxury, everything is rather modest, without frills. There are no decorations on the walls, on the tables there are simple light-colored tablecloths, chairs of a very spartan look. The number of places is also small - only 10. But all this is unimportant, because the quality of food in this restaurant is top notch.

Musso and Frank Grill

The Musso and Frank Grill restaurant boasts a long history: it was founded in 1919. Here they honor traditions, and this is the main idea of this institution. The restaurant was named after the two first owners, Joseph Musso and Frank Thule.

The location of the restaurant "Musso and Frank Grill" - an old building, standing on Hollywood Boulevard. Its visitors were world-famous stars such as Ernest Hemingway, Greta Garbo, Charlie Chaplin, Francis Scott Fitzgerald and many other famous figures. Here they filmed the scene of the movie “Ed Wood” by Tim Burton. Restaurant “Musso and Frank Grill” can be seen in the famous computer game “Los Angeles Noir”.

The menu includes fish dishes, steaks, omelets and traditional sandwiches - the choice is good enough. Popular alcoholic drinks, which are preferred by the visitors of this establishment, are the dry martini and the local Margarita.